Monday, August 27, 2012

UFO Sunday, Week One, Part Two

I'm baaaaack!  Since it was Sunday, and I posted early, I thought I would add today's accomplishment!

Tetris - Blocks put together and ready for borders!

The design is by Melissa of Happy Quilting.  Her version was made with 5-inch squares, but I decided to use what I had on hand from my charm packs, and made mine with 2 1/2 inch squares.  It measures 24 1/2" x 36 1/2" right now, and it is the perfect size for a playpen or stroller.  It will make a great baby boy quilt for any upcoming babies, or I can use it here at the house for the grandbabies.

This one didn't actually make the UFO list, but because it was covering my ironing board, I decided to finish it rather than put it aside.  I'm going to put a black border on it, perhaps two but I'm decided.  I'll let it percolate a bit.  It will now go on the list - hopefully temporarily.

I pulled another UFO out, Vintage Valentine. 

 I started this project about 4 years ago, and started doing the machine applique but I didn't like it.  After a good look at it today, I realized it was because I didn't like the buttonhole stitch I was using and the delicacy of the design needed a fine satin stitch instead.

It's really obvious in this block and it was at this point when I put it aside.  I have done the red and pink on three blocks at this point, so I brought it upstairs to 'frog' out the old.

While I was digging around, I found another UFO that never made it past the 'buy the fabric' stage.  The fabric is an old Debbie Mumm line, Noah's Ark.  I envisoned a nice crib quilt for a boy but could never settle on a design.  I think there is enough fabric to make two, including backings!  I going to choose a Bonnie Hunter pattern, like Princess Crown or something similar and use it as a Leader & Ender project after I finish the Thangles quilt.

Thanks again, Leah, for giving me the push I need to get some of this fabric out of here!


  1. Your new little quilt will make a nice baby quilt! Love all the bright colors and the fact you used fabric you had on hand. I remember the Debbie Mumm fabric, the Princess Crown pattern would be wonderful. Have fun!

  2. I love the vintage valentine! Is there a pattern for it?

    1. Hi, Joni: Yes, it's a great pattern. You can buy it online at my LQS, I tried to email you but I couldn't find your address. Thanks for commenting, Terri

  3. Very nice, Terri. And, I love your Vintage Valentines. [I found you thru Leah's UFO Sunday linky party].

  4. Love, love, love your Vintage Valentines!