Friday, August 17, 2012

The last of the Pure!

Thanks to everybody who has viewed and commented on my Bowls!  I'm sorry I haven't replied to each of you personally but I'm suffering from a bout of vertigo and can't stay on the computer for long before everything spins out of control.  I will be going through in short spurts through the weekend and can't wait to see all your lovely bowls as well.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you what I did with the last of my Pure fabrics. After making my bowls, I still had a good pile of scraps and I had a baby shower coming up, so I played with them and came up with this:

Sized at 36 x 46", it took just 2 evenings.  I used my favourite chocolate Minkee on the back and turned it to the front for the binding.  I even broke into my precious Heather Ross goldfish to make a label:

(Get it?  My last name is Fisher ;o)

The word print fabric is perfect for a little boy - all the things I wish for him in the future.

I think he likes it!

 I started out with a small bundle of Fat 1/8's - about 12-15 and 1 yd of one of the blue prints (I think) and made the bench cover.  I also bought 2 charm packs at the same time.  A few months later, Melissa of Happy Quilting had a quilt-along, and the size I chose needed a layer cake or 4 charm packs, so I did what any good quilter would do and bought the layer cake!  I used the 2 charm packs and half the layer cake, so that I would have bigger pieces left over.  So glad I did, because they were perfect to piece my bowls from.

Now, this is all I have left over:

Who says you need a lot of yardage to make quilts?

I'll put the 5" wide pieces in one bin, the remaining 2 1/2" wide pieces in another and the left-over HSTs in a third, and use them eventually - probably in another Bonnie Hunter scrappy quilt!  Her latest book is on its way to me as I type this.

Thanks again for all your kind comments.  Time to go lay down again as the room is spinning.

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  1. The baby quilt is adorable is that smiling little guy!!! Love the label!!

    Hope you feel better soon :o)