Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What to do? The World's Largest Hexagon Quilt

I saw this post on Bonnie Hunter's blog, which led me to this site, and for the last two weeks I've been in a quandry.

What will I do with my hexies? Early last year, I was working on hexies when I'm in the mood, not on the computer and want something to do with my hands.  I posted about them here...

and here...

I got stalled (and distracted by other projects) and after I saw Bonnie's post, I realized it was because I wasn't happy with my vision.  Originally I was going to sew the flowers together to make it look like a big mass of flowers, but it didn't really look like I envisioned it.  I love the pattern of the amazing large quilt the group of ladies put together in Australia, but it seems to formal for what I want.  So now I'm rethinking my design.  I still want a flower garden, but realize it needs some "greenery" and "paths".

This is the direction I think I may end up taking:

It's going to depend on the greens that I find - I want all '30s repros so I hope I can get enough variety.  In the meantime, I'm going to keep plugging away at flowers - I'm up to 64 completed, only 206 to go!

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