Saturday, February 11, 2012

Building Houses from Scraps

Have you heard of "Building Houses from Scraps"?  I joined the blog challenge that started on New Year's to make a house a day for one year - FAIL! I finally got my rear in gear tonight and tried out a couple of these little houses - my goodness, they are small! I've used a flower-head pin for scale.

They're not as crooked as they look in these pictures.  I took them at 11 p.m. and didn't use the flash, so I was trying to avoid shadows.

I'm foundation-piecing them as that is the only way I can get any accuracy.  These ones were pieced on my half-size machine, cuz I sent my regular machine in for servicing two weeks ago, and it's still not back.  I was suffering from withdrawal, and had even resorted to cleaning and dusting my sewing room!

There are four of these on each sheet of paper - look how tiny those pieces are - perfect for crumbs!

I've decided on yellow for windows (to simulate the glow of lights or candles) and red doors, and blue for the sky.  Other than that, anything goes!

Green House:

Scraps from a diaper bag I made for my first grandchild (green dot), blue roof is leftovers from his crib quilt, and a '90s calico in the chimneys. The rest is from scrap bags I bought at a couple of quilt shops to fill out my stash a couple of years ago (and never did anything with until Orca Bay came along!)

Purple House:

Purple gifted from a friend's scrap stash, chimneys from my granddaughter's crib set, blue starry fabric has been in my stash for about 10 years, rest from scrap bags.

I'm pulling the reds and blues from my crumbs that are left from my Orca Bay quilt.  They look so pretty in my jars!

Once I've made some crumb blocks and a few houses from the usable pieces, I'm dumping the rest.  I have a hard time getting rid of scraps, but I think I've done my best with these!

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  1. Your little houses are so cute! I like the way you put your scraps in jars, colorful! I too have trouble tossing scraps. Then I started making dog beds for our local animal shelter and it isn't so hard to put scraps there as I feel it is still giving comfort. :-)