Sunday, September 30, 2018

The rainy season has begun, so has sewing season!

It's the last day of September and the fall rains have started. I live on the West Coast of Canada and our weather is comparable to Seattle, WA. We had another hot, fairly dry summer, which seems to becoming the norm, not the exception. But we can still count on rain, which signals the start of my  sewing season.

I got a kick-start in mid-September while I was recovering from surgery for a gallbladder removal. It is the only surgery I can remember having in my life (I did have my tonsils at 5) but based on my observations of others who have had surgery, I came through with flying colours. I was home 5 hours after the surgery, even though they had to do a larger incision because of size of the gallstones. I was pretty much pain-free with a few days.  So of course, I busted out the sewing machine!!

With 100 days left until Christmas (that was two weeks ago!), I decided to get some I-spy quilts out of the way first. I make these for the littles in my family, and a few other select people. Here's some links to other pages where I have talked about them: Brayden's I-Spy, Zoey's I-Spy.

I like to personalize each one's I-Spy with a block that has their first initial in it.

The new ones make numbers 10,11 and 12. They are basted and ready to quilt. My plan is to get them all quilted this week. Starting today, I'm going to join Kate of Life in Pieces and spending 15 minutes a day sewing, and reporting in each Sunday.

So hopefully next week I can report successfully sewing 7 out of 7 days.

I'm pretty much done making these simple quilts, as I have made one for each of my sister, brother and my grandchildren (all 10 of them)! I have a huge stash of novelty prints still, as each one uses 99 individual blocs, and a fat quarter yields 20 5" squares (if using a Canadian fat quarter). I plan to make up a couple of packs of 99 blocks (just in case) and destash the rest eventually. I have a destash pile started.


  1. Sounds like you bounced back nicely after surgery. Gal stones are really no fun and you'll feel much better now that they are gone. Hope you've been able to find 15 minutes to stitch each day. See at the linky party on Sunday.

    1. If I can get motivated, I would do fine! Just have to stop checking the computer when I get home from work LOL


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