Sunday, May 8, 2016

I'm back!! Sunday Stash Report, Week 19 - 2016

Hopefully, for good this time. The last few months have been long and drawn out, but I have climbed over some personal hurdles and hopefully, everything is behind me now.

The last week I've been following the news closely - if you haven't heard, there are horrendous forest fires in northern Alberta, and I have had family and friends that are personally affected. My sister-in-law (ex, actually but we keep in touch) has 3 kids and their families who live in Fort McMurray and they and some of their friends have evacuated to her place near Edmonton, not knowing whether their homes have survived. She has 3 campers and a large tent now camped out in her backyard, with about 20 people and a number of pets for who knows how long.  More than 1600 homes have been lost, and thousands of people have been displaced, and the smoke has reached as far south as Montana and North Dakota (over 1000 miles away). If you are able to help, the Red Cross Canada has set up a relief fund specifically for Fort McMurray, Alberta.   I have, and my community has been amazing - 4 18-wheelers were sent full of the necessities: diapers, underwear and toiletries for the evacuees.

Here are some links to some of the news sites I have been following - the photos are incredible:
CTV Edmonton Facebook Page
Global Edmonton Facebook page

Not much progress has been made on the sewing front. I'm working mostly on block-of-the month/week/day projects, but I have managed to squeak out a few finishes:

A tunic top for my 5-year old granddaughter,

2 nighties for her and her sister, and a pair of camouflage pants for the grandson!  About 3.5 metres out, but I have totally lost track of what has come in, so I'll update once I figure that out!

Added: ?? metres
Added Year to Date: 5.1 metres 
Used/Given away: 3.5 metres
Used/Given away Year to Date: 8.5 metres
Net used or given away in 2016: 3.4 metres

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