Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christmas sewing has begun!

Every year I resolve to start Christmas sewing in July, and every year I procrastinate until November. Why be different this year? Never mind that I've had to deal with a possible job loss (now resolved with a promotion and a raise, instead of a layoff) and the resulting depression/anxiety. I'm slowing starting to feel like my old self, so what better therapy then the sewing room.

Shark pencil cases for Alex and Zoey - free pattern from I still have to hand-sew the lining in, and add the button eyes, but that I can do in front of the tv later this week.

The first of nine pillowcases has been made, filled and sent to Alberta for my newest niece, 7-month-old Eloise.  The rest will be filled and given on Boxing Day at our extended family gathering.  Read more about our tradition here.

The rest are cut out and ready to go. 

Alex has been bugging me to learn more about sewing, and has asked for a sewing kit for Christmas.  I think I'm going to make one up for both him and Zoey, and teach them the basics in the new year by helping them make their own stuffies. I know I'll do most of the sewing, but they sure will have fun!

I bought the pattern, Menagerie from in preparation.

My favourite is a bonus one, not shown on the cover, the Squid!

(Photo credits -

In the meantime, I enlisted his help in cutting fabric for some more I-spy quilts.  With 3 new babies in the family in the past year, it's time to get those started.  We needed to add to the collection of 5" squares to choose from, so he helped pick through my latest acquisitions and scraps.  He learned how to safely use a rotary cutter, and how to use a ruler. 

So serious.

Success! He was so proud of himself. We got the first one laid out, making sure all 99 charms are different, and in an alternating pattern of light/dark.  Next, he'll help sew them on my Featherweight.

Once I'm finished this last batch of I-Spy quilts, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all my novelty prints.  I probably have enough to make about 10 more quilts!

I also have a new long-term project distraction.  I'm making another mystery quilt, Shindig Mystery from Hillbilly Handiworks, this time all English paper-piecing.  This piece will measure about 36" across when I finish the remaining 6 points. I could choose to finish it at this point, The First Dance, or complete the full quilt, about 65". 

I have lost track of my fabric purchases, so I am bowing out of the Stash Reports for the remainder of the year.  Next year, I'm really going to try and challenge myself once again to get through the pile of UFOs.

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