Sunday, July 5, 2015

SCORE and Sunday Stash Report, Week 27

Yesterday I went garage-saleing for the first time in a few years, at not since I started my vintage sewing machine addiction.  At the first stop, I scored all of this!

(Ruffler, binding foot, pintucker and seam guide plus extras)
 Cost: FREE! The seller had sold an old machine that needed work, and these fell out of one of the drawers when they were loading it up.  The buyer didn't want them, so the seller had put them in the trash.  When I asked if she had any sewing machine accessories for sale,  she said she just thrown some out, I asked if I could see them. We literally dug through the trash!

And at the second stop, these!

Total cost: $6.00  Both the buttonhole attachment (it was complete) and the circular stitcher will work on my 1947 Singer Featherweight and my 201 (once it's up and running).  I'm going to play with these and post more about them another day.
On to my stash enhancements:
These colours are not accurate, but it is too hot to go out for good pictures, and besides the grass is all dead anyway, so it would make for a lousy background.  The pindot is a dark aqua and the large polka-dot has a black background.  I was introduced to a new-to-me store near my work that is like a wholesaler.  Prices were amazing at $6-12 a metre for quilt-shop quality (min. cut 1 metre), but even better they offer a 2 for 1 pricing, so you pay the same for 2 metres as you do for one metre.  My friend and I spilt the cost and ended up with a metre each!  Unfortunately, they don't sell online.
Added: 3 metres
Added Year to Date: 4 metres 
I also found out one of my friends recently started quilting, so I invited her over to pick through my stash for her next project (a wall hanging).  She chose these colours, so I gave her a fat quarter of each (that's all she wanted!)
Used/Given away: 2.0 metres

 Used/Given away Year to Date: 22 metres
Added for 2015: -18.0 metres
All the fabric I have given away this year has helped me stay in the negative.  Good thing, because I don't seem to be sewing much! It's been too bloody hot! I really miss my basement sewing room this year!
Here on the West Coast, we have been breaking 100+ year-old records.
It was over 40c (104F) in the shade on Canada Day! What a switch-around in the weather the last couple of years - usually it's us on the West Coast that is waiting for summer to start until mid-July. Instead, this year, it seems like it is everybody east of the Rockies.  The downside is the number of forest fires starting daily is crazy - the last week has averaged 30-35 a day. 
In the morning, my kids and grandkids, some of their friends and I went on a hike.
I am so proud of myself.  I climbed this mountain trail...
...up to this lake (Lindeman Lake, near Chilliwack, BC).  I haven't done it in over 30 years, and after having knee problems two years ago, I thought I would never get to do it again.  My knees never bothered me at all (although my butt cheeks were sore the next day ;o) and I plan on doing more hiking this summer.
After, we spent the afternoon in my daughter's pool, where some of us (1) got to cool off in the best way! (Although it looks sunny, my daughter has a UV shade drawn to protect her).  She is sitting on a quilt my mother-in-law made and gifted to me when the kids were babies - proof a quilt doesn't have to be made from quilt-shop fabrics to be enjoyed and loved.
Mya is eight months old and starting to move, but isn't crawling yet.  She'll sit like this for hours, but as soon as your back is turned she'll bum-scoot off the blankets.  My daughter says she's watched too much Doctor Who when she was pregnant, and Mya is like one of the Weeping Angels that only move when you turn your back!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far.  If it's hot where you are, stay cool and careful not to start any fires.  If it has been raining where you are, I hope you see a change soon.
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Terri in BC

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  1. What a precious little one. She has the right idea for keeping cool. lol Congrats on your hike. The scenery looks beautiful. I like the colors your friend picked out for her wall hanging, but a fq doesn't seem like enough for a wall hanging. Must be a tiny one.


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