Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Stash Report 2015, Week 24

I gave up on trying to rearrange my new sewing room.  The door, closet and window placement really only allow me to have it laid out one way.  Ce la vie!

So now, I am finally sewing - which means I have started buying fabric again.  I have a shipment on its way from Ozark Fabrics, a Facebook fabric store with the best prices!  I'll tell you more about her store when my package arrives, and I count that fabric in.

Added: 1 metres

Added Year to Date: 1 metres  

Used/Given away: 4.5 metres

 Used/Given away Year to Date: 20 metres

Added for 2015: -19.0 metres

Added: I'm starting planning my Christmas gifts, and I couldn't resist this!  It will be perfect as a liner for a basket or tote for some of my friends.

Used:  I've made some summer outfits for the grands.  It's Zoey's 4th birthday and later today, I'll be heading over for the party.  I made her and her little sister, Mya, coordinated outfits (Zoey loves it when they dress the "same", much to her mother's chagrin).



And of course, Alex couldn't be left out:

Shark shorts! He had to have them right away to wear to the party.

Mr. Sassy strikes a pose:

Now I'm off to the party!  A pool full of 1 to 6-year-olds - wish me luck!

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