Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice, Part One

Now that I have selected my fabrics and organized my instructions and tools, it's time to start cutting!
I have had the Tri-Recs rulers recommended by Bonnie for a couple of years now, but have never used them.  She provided some great videos and directions on how to use them in her Part One post, and I was able to make a perfect block right out of the gate!
I also made use of my smallest scraps, as small as 2 1/2 x 3 1/2", for the side pieces of the Tri-Recs.  I tried to be frugal when I cut the triangle portion out of some charm squares:

But it wasn't worth the effort.  Instead, I was able to get 2 side pieces and a triangle out of a charm square:

I'll save the side pieces and if I don't use them in this project, I'm sure there will be another one.

I was also able to get 4 side pieces out of a blue charm.  By layering 2 pieces right sides together, I am able to get both a left and a right-facing piece (very important!).
So far, I have finished 19 orange and 16 white/blue star points.  I'm using Bonnie's suggestion to pin them in groups of 10, so I don't have to keep recounting.

My baskets are full and ready to keep going!
I'm starting out by only making half of the blocks required for the smaller size, as I will probably make this one twin-size.  That means I'll be doing 46 orange/blue units and 48 white/blue units. I'm also going to finish up my Christmas projects before I come back to Step One, which means I will probably have parts of Steps Two and Three done before I get back to it.
And, happy, happy, joy, joy!  I got the call to pick up my Easy Street quilt!  It has to be bound before Christmas so that one goes to the top of the list once I pick it up.
I am documenting my Celtic Solstice project more formally this year. Check out these previous posts for:
How I selected my fabrics here:
How I get organized before starting here:
If one person can learn something from my posts, I will be thrilled.  In the meantime, I'll be sewing!
Be sure to check everyone else's progess on Bonnie's Linky page!

Terri in BC


  1. Clever cutting with the charms, who knows maybe we will need side pieces out of orange. Yahoo on Easy St being done, mine is still waiting for another border.

  2. That's great that your Easy Street is done. Mine is still waiting on the borders. Your part 1 blocks look nice. I too had Tri-Recs already, but had never used them. I was pleased with how easy the blocks came together.


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