Saturday, November 16, 2013

5 Weekends to Christmas!

I've already made a good start on preparing for Christmas this year - I don't know what is wrong - that's not like me at all.
I've made a list and checking it twice:
  1. Quilt for B&R
  2. Placemats for S&R (they'll get their quilt next year)
  3. Christmas dress for Zoey
  4. 8 pillowcases (6 for the goody bags, 2 to match #1)
  5. 6 small gifts for girlfriends - not sure what that will be yet
  6. Advent calendar for B
  7. Christmas wall hangings for B&S
This quilt has been dropped off at Quilted Cats Hideaway:
Linda suggested her Circle Lord swirls pattern, which I think will be a lovely counterpoint to the straight lines and angles.  Pick up is scheduled in 3 weeks, so I have to plan binding this king-size monster before Christmas (I prefer the look of a hand-stitched binding).
My sister and I have carried on a tradition of "goody bags" for the little ones, that my mother started when our kids were little (read more here).
I make the six pillowcases and since my sister loves to shop, she usually ends up filling them.  I make or buy a few things, but in my opinion, she does the hard part.  All but one has been prepped, and I'm making two more to match the quilt above but need to make a trip to Hamel's today.
I've started collecting a selection of smalls to review and still need to decide what to make for my friends.  I'm leaning towards pouches.  I have a board on Pinterest to review today! 
To keep my sanity, I'll work on the newest Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  This year it is Celtic Solstice, in honour of her recent trip to Ireland.  Being of Irish heritage, I'm looking forward to doing something that will also reflect my background.  This year, she is offering two sizes, large double or king size, but I think I'll start with half the size and plan on using it in the kidlets' bedroom.  Here is a mockup using her colours:
Not my usual, but I think my grandson is going to love it!
Have a great day,
Terri in BC

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