Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hexie to the next level!

Since this week is all about hexies, I was pleased to pick up a parcel in the States this week!
Not only did I get this bundle of wonderful fabrics at an average of $5/yd from Hillbilly Handiworks/Ozark Fabrics (mostly through her Facebook group, where she offers end-of-line deals) :
Tonya designs these amazing pieced hexagons, and sells the paper pieces (specially made by Paper Pieces) in her shop, along with Jason Yenter fabric, which makes for fabulous designs.  I ordered a 1/2 yard of Return to Atlantis border fabric to make my first AHHHHs (Artistic, Hectic, Hexotic, Hillbilly Hexagons).  Combined with his Modern Solids, created with 2 colours of thread, it makes great designs.

My first lesson was to remember to add the seam allowance when cutting out the pieces - oops!:

I punched holes in my pieces so I could pin the fabric. I also number the pieces with the pattern # and the number of pieces to cut in case I lose one of the tiny ones.

Two beginner designs done!

I'm having camera issues - the ones above were taken in natural light and aren't even close to the true colour.  The one below was taken with a flash and is very close - go figure!

The back is almost as pretty as the front!  I used the same method I do my hexie flowers - learned from Bonnie Hunter's website.  I don't baste through the papers and leave the basting threads in for a little extra security.

I can't wait to try more!  Tonya was looking for some pattern testers and she provided me with two more designs to try and assemble into a project!  Tonight, I'm making the hexies and tomorrow, the top secret project hopefully will be completed!

For the first time, I used YLI 100wt. silk thread. It is so fine, and once the papers are removed, not a stitch will show!

In case you are wondering, these hexies are huge!  They measure 3" on each side, and 6" from point to point and barely fit in my hand.

Compared to my usual flowers and the smallest one I ever made, it wouldn't take many to make a quilt!

(Hum, if it takes 300 flowers to make a large lap-size quilt, it should only take about 125 AHHHs to make a quilt of about 50x70")
If you have never heard of Jason Yenter, check out his lines here.  Then go to Tonya's Facebook group and sign up for the prebuy of Shangri-La - payment won't come due until December.  I've become a new fan!


  1. Oh I LOVE your Altantis ahhhhs!!! wow, beautiful!!!!
    ( I need to get that fabric back up to the website soon!!)

  2. Your ahhhhs are really beautiful! I'm working on some hexie flowers, using what I learned from Bonnie's website as well. When I finish with those I just might have to try doing ahhhhs myself!

  3. Those are beautiful hexies! I'm totally loving it!

  4. The AHHH's look so fun and your fabric choice is beautiful.

  5. So pretty, love the turtles and the others you chose to go with it. Where did the turtles come from?


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