Saturday, April 13, 2013

Looks can be deceiving

I like to pretend that I have my supplies under control and organized.
As I come across scraps of lace and ribbon, I drop them in this biscotti jar.  My latest project had me rooting around for more than what was in here:
I remembered I had a box of ribbons, eyelet and lace from the days when my girls were little and I was sewing little girl and doll clothes.
Found it! It's the size of a large shoebox or small apple box.
Some of these were hand-me-downs from my mom's sewing room, which reminded - where did that tote go?
Some of these trims go back to the 1970's for sure, and I suspect the '60s are represented as well.
Here's a sneak peak at the project that got me hunting:
 I also have a smaller tote filled with bias tape, zippers, seam bindings, buttons and more.  My sister, her daughters, my daughter that sews, and my girlfriend and her daughter all come to me first before heading to the store.  I'm going to have to get them to start raiding this bin as well.  Either that or open an Etsy shop!
One of my other hobbies is genealogy, and last night I found information that one of my maternal great-great grandmothers was also a seamstress in addition to being a homemaker. That extends my sewing heritage back to 5 generations, 6 if you include my daughter and my nieces.
It's no wonder I have hoard all this, when it goes so far back in my blood!


  1. I too, am a hoarder of things "that may be useful later" and have a heritage women who sewed -- at least five generations!

  2. I love that you have things from your mother's stash. It's a magical quilting/sewing connection!

  3. Hi, Terri. You have quite the stash! Very pretty blocks, too. I enjoyed your pictures of spring--you made me almost miss Oregon (my home state), however, I've enjoyed spring for awhile now, and I like that a bit better. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.
    best, nadia


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