Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Scrap Room Progress

It's been a few months and the scrap room is coming along nicely! I'm now able to prime the walls (in progress) and this coming weekend, I'll be painting!  Here's a little tour, starting from the entry (most of these were taken before the drywall was taped and mudded):

Look, my grandson is helping me wash down the walls after sanding!

This is the main room about 19' x 12 - 225 sq. ft. of future fun! It is the old recreation room in my home, located in a daylight basement with a big window. We have also put in LED pot lights (on a dimmer!)

The second room comes off the main room forming an "L". We reconfigured the location of the hot water tank, and enclosed it in a room with the furnace, to create more usable space. This is what you see when you enter this room:

This room is about 12' x 8' at its widest point, with the alcove by the window about 4'x6' with the niche for a refrigerator by the window. Eventually, we'll put a corner sink and counters in for a coffee station. The floors are a nice thick vinyl planking, which adds warmth, ease of cleaning and are waterproof! I'm very fortunate to have a handy son-in-law, with the bonus of sharing the house with him, my daughter and grandson, so he doesn't mind doing the work.

And just for a bonus, this isn't the only area being worked on. My son-in-law has torn apart the main bath and is giving it an update as well. Good timing, as he is a teacher's aide and school has been closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

How are you coping with the news? Here in our corner of BC, Canada, we are being told to self-isolate as much as possible, as we are just north of the outbreak in Washington state, and east of Vancouver and area which is the second hot-spot in Canada. Since my son-in-law is off work, he is in charge of the grandkids (his son and my other two granddaughters, who live just down the street). His wife, my oldest daughter, is still working for the moment, but will her office will probably be closing by week's end. 

In stressful times, I need to sew and so my grandson and I are working on a science-related quilt for his new double bed. I have a couple of rows of beakers, flasks and test-tubes to add to the for the top of the quilt, then its ready to be sent off for quilting! I'll share more about it in another post.

My office is closed to the public, and we only have 5 staff in the building at its highest capacity, so I am still going in every day, and so far, my workload hasn't changed. I manage an office that administers private mortgage companies, sells investments and I'm a mortgage broker as well, so there are a lot of calls these days! I've told my boss that I plan on working from the office, even if everyone stays home, just because it will be quieter there than at home with the grandkids and my son-in-law working on the renos. My other daughter and her husband are also still working, one is in a small office like mine, and her husband is an aircraft mechanic, so he is pretty busy for the time being as the company he works for has some good contracts that shouldn't be affected by the outbreak (he works on planes that provide fire-fighting services in the summer). Whatever happens, we will take care of each other and our elderly neighbours, and we will get through this. I hope you and yours do as well.

Spring is coming - my garden has many early bloomers already, and the mountains sparkle with the fresh snows of spring, and brighten my day. I hope they brighten yours as well.

Take care and listen to the professionals to stay safe!

Terri in BC

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  1. So glad your family are able to still work, look after kids and stay safe. The virus is in early stages here, only the first cases outside of capital cities were announced yesterday. There has been panic shopping for about a week though - us Aussies in SE Australia dont know how to hunker down for a snow storm or a cyclone, so I think everyone went a bit nuts! Most people I know are still going to work, but my hubby works from home and I am out of work so the main thing that has changed for us is that he is not flying overseas for work trips. Good luck.


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