Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The next six months - goal-setting

I've not been doing a very good job of using my blog to post my progress this year, and that also means I haven't made much progress - the vicious circle! Goal-setting works for me so here goes for July's projects:

1. Make a quilt for MacBaby by July 16th!

2. Finish and quilt 3 Canada 150 quilts for the kidlets.

3. Prep and finish Rosette #5 for my Millie quilt.

1. One of my very good friend's has finally become a mother through adoption - but can't reveal the name nor many details yet, so this little girl's pseudonym is MacBaby. I haven't met her yet, but there is a baby shower coming up, so a quilt is necessary. I didn't get very far following along with Pat Sloan's Winter Solstice (1 large and 5 smaller blocks done), but the colours I chose will make a beautiful baby girl quilt. Now to plan a layout and get cracking!

2. I have had the fabric for a year, took 9 months to find a design I liked, and have the 7" blocks finished. Now that I decided to do an on-point setting to make the blocks go further, I can start assembling the quilts - one for each of my grandchildren.

3. I was late to the game starting Katja Marek's Milliefiore quilt, and it got put aside for most of the winter. Now that it is hot out, and I want to spend some time poolside, I need to get the cutting and prep done to finish my rosette.

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