Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: A year in review

I have come to the conclusion if I don't blog, I don't sew.  Having the blog motivates me to take pictures to post, and therefore I have to sew so I have pictures! Since I didn't blog much this year, I didn't accomplish much.  However, I did finish the following:

2 Shark Pencil Cases (yes, they got finished in time for Christmas)

A pillow for my daughter and son-in-law's new camper

Nine pillowcases for the grands (mine, my sister's and now my brother's grandchildren)

One baby quilt made with vintage fabrics and lace from my mother's stash, for the newest of her great-grandchildren - she would have been thrilled to have nine beautiful great-grandbabies!

A multi-slot wallet with a magnetic snap. 

Some fun kidlet sewing: shorts for Alex, big sister-little sister outfits and a summer dress for Mya! That's all the pictures I could find of finished projects. I did make some 1-hour baskets (both took me a longer than 1 hour) - one because I made a 2" patchwork for the outer side, and the other because I tried a new stiffer bag lining, which I really liked and will post about later. I'm sure there are others that I gifted that I have totally forgotten about.

I did add some more projects to the UFO pile:


A Nested Churn Dash lap quilt (pattern can be purchased here) - still to be quilted

I got four blocks down of a Harry Potter - Project of Doom quilt. I got stuck because I was contemplating adding titles to the books, and I was undecided how I was going to do it. Now I've decided I don't like the background I'm using, so I'm going make a pillow out of this one and rethink my plan. I still want to make a full quilt someday.

And lots of small scrappy blocks which I will share at a later date.

I did accomplish other things this year. I moved my sewing room upstairs and started making it my new "Happy" place.

And I'm adding more activity to my life.  This year I even managed to climb a mountain...

to visit this beautiful lake for a picnic with my very agile family!

Lindeman Lake, near Chilliwack, BC

I hope to add more of these beautiful hikes to my life this year!

Check back tomorrow for my Word of the Year - 5 years running!

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