Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sewing Room Makeover - part one!

Now that I had to move my sewing room upstairs to the spare bedroom, I'm working on making it my "Happy Place" once again!  I even bought a sign for my room!
(bought at Target Canada closing sale for $2)
In my little corner of Canada, the last of the spring flowers are just about done and summer appears to have arrived already!
(Flowering Crabapple)
It is already 22C (72F) in my backyard, and it will get hotter over the next few days! Given that our average summer temperature here on the West Coast is normally around 23 - 25C, it bodes well for a hot summer.
The first thing I set up in my sewing room was my Ikea shelves and mason jars filled with buttons.
Here's the complete wall of shelves:
The shelf holds a mix of practicality and nostalgia. The tin on the third shelf came from my maternal grandmother's sewing collection, and held her buttons.  The tomato sugar and creamer set was my mom's, which she bought at a garage sale because it reminded her of  the ones her mother had. The little flower box on the right-hand end of the third shelf is one my kids brought me back from Cuba, and is carved from wood. 
Just for fun, I also have jars filled with my dog-ears and labeled by year! Sadly, 2014 is only about 1/2 as much, so I'll put them in a smaller jar.  2015 is practically non-existent, so I need to get cracking!
I love mason jars for storage because they are inexpensive (sometimes free!) and see-through - very important for me as I am "visual" when comes to being inspired. 
I plan on posting more pictures as I get each area just the way I want it!


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