Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Stash Report, Week 15

Happy Easter or Passover, whichever you celebrate! Where has the time gone?  It's been four weeks since I did a stash report - how did that happen?  Okay, I confess - I do know why I haven't added things up. 

Hi, my name is Terri and I'm a fabriaholic. (And I didn't want to admit it)

I got done in by our local Sewing & Crafts trade show, and the fact it was my birthday seemed to have granted me permission to buy, buy, buy. 
So - drumroll - please!

Used this (4) Weeks:  3.6metres
Used year to Date: 43.7 metres
Added this (4) Weeks: 18.25 metres
Added Year to Date: 34.9 metres
Net Used for 2012: 8.8 metres

Even though there hasn't been a lot of sewing, at least it's still in the positive.  It's been a busy 4 weeks, as it is and it's income tax prep time and the mortgage market has started to heat up here in the Lower Mainland of BC.  Good thing, because I have a big trip coming to pay for!

One of my favourite booths is Quilt Essentials.  They have a huge table with piles and piles of fabric scraps, bolt ends and manufacturer samples and it's like sharks having a feeding frenzy. I wish I thought to take a picture - it is so much fun!  I bought 2.75 lbs of fabric.  At roughly 2.5 metres per pound, I got about 7 yards of fabric for just $38.  Regular prices here run about $13-$16/m ($12-$14.50/yd) so $5.50/yd was a terrific bargain, especially when it included some new designs that haven't even been released yet, including Kaffe Fawcett,  Michael Miller and Moda fabrics, and much, much more.  I did give up a yard of Sweetwater's Hometown to another lady, as I had just bought one the week before (it was probably the bolt end from the bolt I bought off of at full price).

 My other favourite booth is Hamel's Fabrics.  They are located in my hometown and my first stop for any fabric or notions I want to buy.  I always stop to say hi to the ladies working so hard and see their displays, as they are usually different then what I see in the store - they do a lot of trade shows across Canada and have a huge internet store.  Because they were so busy, I made a stop by the store on my way home to buy what I wanted and I got another 7 metres (7 3/4 yds) - a finishing kit for these blocks!

I posted about these blocks here.  They were a Thangles Block of the Month project, and I finally finished them off - 24 6" blocks.  

I'm not sure what I was thinking but I was surprised when I opened the instructions and discovered I had to add another round of HSTs to each block:

I have to say I was both dismayed and relieved - I hope they will help improve the contrast on the block, I'm still not thrilled with how the smaller blocks have turned out but it will get finished, come hell or high water.

Over the last few weeks, I've made some other purchases.  I purchased a metre of Sweetwater Hometown, a 1/2 m of Sherbet Pips, the cute little puppy on blue & some polka dots for bibs, and 3 other Fat quarters.  No pictures but my total purchases over the last month came to a whopping 17 1/4 metres!

But I have had some finishes.  I made this cute little skirt for Zoey from an old Moda honey bun I've had hanging around.  I think it was Oh, Cherry.  

I also made 2 baby bibs and a blanket from flannel backed with minkee for my niece's baby shower.  Again, no pictures yet - they're on my sister's camera.  I made another bib for my daughter's friend as well.  The bibs used some of the puppy dog fabric I picked with, with adorable brown polka dot ties. Perfect for little boys!

Today I'm hand-sewing the bindings on two quilts, the small one in my previous post and my Orca Bay!!  I picked it up at the quilter's, Quilted Cats Hideaway, on Wednesday and I'm saving the reveal until that binding is down - all 336 inches of it!  It finished at 77" x 87", perfect for the double bed in the grandkids' room.  And I just had to add another metre to my purchases - I forgot I picked up a cute freckle dot in white on black for the binding. I also finished a small chair "rug" for my dog to lay on when she lays on the spare chair in my sewing room.  She doesn't shed but at least it will keep it clean for visitors. Again, no pics - I must get better about that!

It's a beautiful, sunny warm day so after finishing spring-cleaning my kitchen, I'm off to my daughter's for a non-traditional Easter barbeque!  I'm really happy I don't have to cook!  Have a great one, everyone and thanks for sticking with me this far.  I don't always respond to comments (between 3 jobs and life, I read more than I post) but I appreciate each and every one!

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  1. Very cute skirt. It's so much fun to sew for children. The fabric is fun and kids aren't nearly as fussy as adults.