Friday, January 20, 2012

Having given my New Year's Resolution some serious thoughts, I'm only 3 weeks late.  The last two years I chose a "Word of the Year", like many others on the internet blog circuit.  2010 was the year of "Joy" as in finding Joy in the little things of life and finding more Joy in my life.  2011 was the year of "Change" and 2012 is "Nuture".  I struggled to come with this word, I had considered organize, action, focus, family, relationships and other similar words, but at the end of it I realized I want to "nuture" all of the above: I want to nuture relationships with my family and friends, I want to nuture my own personal growth, health and well-being, I want to nuture better finances, home environment, and more.  So "NUTURE" it is!

To that end, I've come up with a few goals:

*Continue my weight loss journey (15 lbs last year)
*Host more family dinners
*Get back into my scrapbooking, starting with 2011 and work backwards until I get caught up
*Learn how to free-motion quilt
*Develop a routine for housekeeping and paying bills

Now to come up with an action plan!
The only thing I have done so far is join this!

Check out this great way to learn to free-motion quilt - link here!

Remember that picture I posted yesterday?  This is what my car looked like before I dug it out.  My son-in-law has since been over and cleared the rest of the driveway, just in time for the freezing rain to start. It's a skating rink out there tonight.

Want a funny?  I was cleaning out my phone pics and came across this - the Troll car - it was parked in a local shopping mall parking lot. (too bad it wasn't Walmart, I could send it in to People of Walmart!)

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