Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Happy Canada Day weekend to my fellow Canadians and Happy Independance Day to my American friends!  Yesterday we finally had a summer day, the first one this year, and today we're back to rain this morning and clouds this afternoon.  My backyard is looking more like a hayfield than a lawn, maybe I should have a pet goat instead of a dog. Of all the jobs around the house, I hate mowing the lawn the most (the downside of being single, I guess).

Not much has been happening on the sewing front between work, babysitting Alex and visiting Zoey (and her parents).  I did get Alex's I-spy quilt top put together and he helped me pin-baste it.

I gave Sarah the quilt and crib skirt I made for the baby, but before it went in the crib I had to take a few pictures!  She is eight days old in these pictures.

Here she is in the crib - the skirt is double-tiered and the bottom layer can come off when they drop the mattress to the lower level.

One last picture that makes me giggle.  Zoey tries really hard to focus on her nose and we were able to capture the shot! 


  1. A great helper you have - and love that last pic LOL!

  2. Daring new grandbaby! Love her on her quilt. Looks like your grandson was having fun helping with the pinning, makes it more special when they help out.

  3. Looks like you've got a great start on your I Spy quilt and a sweet little helper:)