Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In

It's time for another Friday Night Sew-In (and look, she used a Creative Memories Display Board - I'm a consultant in my other world).

I plan on working on a double-tiered crib skirt, bumper pads and then baste the Bunny Quilt.  It's less than seven weeks until my daughter's little bundle of joy arrives.

Then I have to get started on my income tax - it's due April 30th.

Have fun tonight, whatever you are doing.


  1. Hi Terri! Just wanted to pop in and say hello to a fellow May for Me girl. I see you are into genealogy. I am as well. Haven't done much lately, but for a couple of years I was obsessed.
    Love your blog!!

  2. Hi Terri... I am also with May for Me and I am adding your link to my blog page... hope you stop by and follow too... I am a new fan of your blog!