Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The best-laid plans - To do list - August 15, 2023

My new weekly to-do list appears to be a bi-weekly post! Not much got accomplished because my newly-part-time hours stretched into full-time plus, with a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction. When that happens, I shut down and get nothing done. Combine that with construction happening around me and very little sewing got done. 

I did get a little cross-stitching done (#3 on my list of August 1st), adding some colour with flowers, but not much more than that. My granddaughter didn't end up coming over, but I might have her tomorrow, so hopefully we can work on her project.

This week's to-do list is much like it was two weeks ago:

To do List for 8/15/2023

1.  Modified Rhododendron Trail (pattern by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville): Prep binding while waiting for quilt to come back from the long-arm quilter (which I got word they are on their way back

2. On Ringo Lake (pattern by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville): Same as above

3. Country Garden Cross-Stitch: Get those darn flowers done!

On a more positive front, the trim work is done in my sewing/craft room (temporarily my office!) so I was able to put the furniture back in place. Now the purge begins.

I got the shelves mostly filled, I can find my sewing machine again and my "office" desk is clear (not so much my cutting desk.)

Now that the trim is done on the doorway, my son-in-law is working in my back room (used for fabric and craft supply storage, with a small kitchenette for coffee, etc.

For the first time in a long time, I now have a clear counter to work on. I've started purging the cabinets, which is easier because each cupboard is organized by type (one upper cabinet has cross-stitch supplies, one lower large cabinet has my scrapbooking kits, another has current quilting projects, etc.) Most of the upper cabinets are display, but a couple need to be cleared out and made "pretty" - I'm looking at you on the left filled with fabric!

Joining up with Quilt Schmit's linky party at To Do Tuesday #32 – Quilt Schmilt!

Terri in BC


  1. I love your colour scheme - it looks very fresh and peaceful.

  2. Thanks for your commitment to helping others learn


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