Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The best-laid plans - To do list - August 15, 2023

My new weekly to-do list appears to be a bi-weekly post! Not much got accomplished because my newly-part-time hours stretched into full-time plus, with a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction. When that happens, I shut down and get nothing done. Combine that with construction happening around me and very little sewing got done. 

I did get a little cross-stitching done (#3 on my list of August 1st), adding some colour with flowers, but not much more than that. My granddaughter didn't end up coming over, but I might have her tomorrow, so hopefully we can work on her project.

This week's to-do list is much like it was two weeks ago:

To do List for 8/15/2023

1.  Modified Rhododendron Trail (pattern by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville): Prep binding while waiting for quilt to come back from the long-arm quilter (which I got word they are on their way back

2. On Ringo Lake (pattern by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville): Same as above

3. Country Garden Cross-Stitch: Get those darn flowers done!

On a more positive front, the trim work is done in my sewing/craft room (temporarily my office!) so I was able to put the furniture back in place. Now the purge begins.

I got the shelves mostly filled, I can find my sewing machine again and my "office" desk is clear (not so much my cutting desk.)

Now that the trim is done on the doorway, my son-in-law is working in my back room (used for fabric and craft supply storage, with a small kitchenette for coffee, etc.

For the first time in a long time, I now have a clear counter to work on. I've started purging the cabinets, which is easier because each cupboard is organized by type (one upper cabinet has cross-stitch supplies, one lower large cabinet has my scrapbooking kits, another has current quilting projects, etc.) Most of the upper cabinets are display, but a couple need to be cleared out and made "pretty" - I'm looking at you on the left filled with fabric!

Joining up with Quilt Schmit's linky party at To Do Tuesday #32 – Quilt Schmilt!

Terri in BC

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

UFO's, WIPs and more!

 Now that my quilts are off to be quilted by cheque (long-arm), I went looking for another project to work on. Boy, did that open a can of worms. Be prepared for a weird wandering look into my mind,

I had a kit (actually 2) that needed cutting before I could start it. I ended up with two at my house because my quilting buddy bought one as well.  We were there when the person cutting them realised she had made a mistake, so we ended up with some extra fabric with careful cutting - which was my job since I "can math". 

I ended up with 2 full quilts cut out, and 3 - 6" x 22" strips of each colour leftover, plus trimmings.

My pretty box of pieces, ready for sewing. I put the cut pieces and leftover strips in separate baggies, but I'm keeping everything together in the event I made a mistake!

I set aside the included background fabric as it was too yellowish for both of us, and starting cutting into my remaining Snow (by Bella) fabric. While I was at it, I decided to cut the triangle pieces for my Flower girl quilt. Most of the blocks are already cut out, but I couldn't move forward without the triangles.

Of course, I ran out! I've ordered a new bolt (praying that it will be close, or else I'm starting over...more pieces for the scrap box).

I started playing with the trimmings, and decided on this layout.

But then, I would need more of that background fabric so it got put aside as well.

Have you lost count yet? That's now 3 WIPs (works-in-process) that have now become UFOs (unfinished objects). My brain says, well I know I have more UFOs so why don't I go back to my list and see where I am at. And, here comes the can of worms: I haven't updated my list since 2016.

I know I have finished some things on that list, so let's update it! While I'm at it, I'll check and see what else I have to add, including projects that never made the list but are now finished.

Back in 2016, I had 46 projects on that list - I know, atrocious, right? Well, brace yourself. There are 4 finishes from the UFO list, 3 spy quilts that weren't on the list, and the last two quilts that never made it on it.  So far, I 

To Do List August 1, 2023


To Do List for the Week of 8/1/2023

I'm going to try this again! I'm going to use a weekly to-do list to try and make some progress now that I have cut back my work hours (yay, moving towards retirement!)

My workspace is in a bit of a state. My son-in-law is doing all the trim work around the windows in my area, after we had new windows installed last year. He is also finishing the trim work around the doors that never got done a few years ago. So this week's focus is getting the room back in order once he is done (hopefully by the weekend


So this week's projects will be things I can work on either by hand in a different room, or things I can do in small spurts when he is taking a break (and I'm not working!). So here goes.

To do List for 8/1/2023

1.  Modified Rhododendron Trail (pattern by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville): Prep binding while waiting for quilt to come back from the long-arm quilter.

2. On Ringo Lake (pattern by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville): Same as above

3. Country Garden Cross-Stitch: This project came to the surface in the last month, as my interest in cross-stitch revived.  I hope to complete all the greenery and flowers this week.

4. Easy Breezy (L&E pattern by Bonnie Hunter): This is a joint project that my 8-year-old granddaughter and I are working on together, for her. I need to cut neutral blocks for 30 more blocks so she can come over this coming long weekend and work on them. (More on that later!)

 She has made 34 blocks so far! She has chosen all the coloured fabrics herself, I cut a bunch of neutrals for her to choose from.

Bonus: Birdie Stitches (pattern by Corey Yoder): Embroider one block.

Birdie Stitches Block #2 – Coriander Quilts

I've only done this cheery little block so far (Corey's picture) back in 2011, so that means it's been sitting waiting for 12 years!!

In the meantime, I have been using the opportunity of shuffling everything to purge! Most stuff I donate, but I do try to sell a few things so I can recoup a little.

Here is the state of my room as it sat yesterday morning, going counter-clockwise:

(I took this picture before the announcement)

Everything is shoved every which way, and into my overflow room. 
Here is my current work-from-home station! 

I took these pictures so I can see the difference once everything is back the way I want it!

Sunday, July 9, 2023

The part of quilting I hate the most!

 I hate the de-threading process! I absolutely loathe it. But it is a necessary evil for a pretty quilt finish. I learned a lesson - never leave a flimsy too long or the loose threads get worse.

So how do I do it? First, I stream a good series on Netflix - this project warranted Bridgerton, Season 2 (my favourite!)

Then I assemble my tools - a good hot iron (love my Oliso!), sharp scissors, a lint roller, fine mist spray bottle (mine is a repurposed Febreze bottle), and light-weight fusible scraps for those edges that are a little to close. And in the case of this quilt, a cutting mat and ruler so I can trim the edge of those pesky on-point triangles.

I start from the top, and fold over one edge so that I can iron in sections, from the backside. I don't use water in my iron because I believe my irons last longer. First, I spray the section with a fine mist. Instead of buying the expensive ones at the quilt shop, I've discovered that air sprays from the grocery store use the same type of bottles. 

Once the section is ironed, I go over it with a lint roller and finally, with my sharp scissors trim off all the dangling threads. Sometimes I come across some seams that might be a little sketchy and narrow, so I use a little fusible to secure that seam. So far, that has worked out will for me.

This quilt is "On Ringo Lake" by Bonnie Hunter and it was her 2017 Mystery quilt. I started it back then, but only finished the top in February 2022 (not the longest finish, I'm afraid!). It seems each year I only did one step, until I finally put a push on it in 2021.

The sun was too bright today, but I love how the border matches the pool liner!

I also dethreaded "Rhododendron Trail", another Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt - thiIs one isn't nearly as old, only from November 2021.  I modified it a little and eliminate some narrow sashing and butted the blocks together. 

The sun blew out the colour in the picture above, but here is a better one on my bed.

I love how the border turned out!  Now they are off to the long-arm quilter!

Saturday, May 27, 2023

One-Hour Project - Flamingo Pouch

 It's amazing what you can get done in one hour. I had to run a scan on my work computer, so of course, that meant I had a free hour (and a bit)!

My daughter asked for a little bag to hold some card games for an upcoming girls' trip that she, her sister and two close friends are taking. Of course, I had to do it!

The cards had a tropical theme, so I pulled out some Tula Pink fabric that suited it. (Daydreamer Pretty In Pink - Flamingos)

And here is the result - a custom-size pouch! 

The bottom is about a 4x5" rectangle, but when I boxed the corners, I didn't cut the flaps of the exterior fabric. Instead, I stitched the flaps done to give the bottom a bit of body. With fuschia ribbons inserted in the casing, it closes tight and nothing will fall out.

Love the placement of that shrimp! It is lined with another Tula Pink - Zuma Glitter in neon pink.

The light fabric makes it easy to see inside the pouch, and here it is filled and ready to be packed!

The girls are off to Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) off the north coast of BC (just south of the most southern point of Alaska to do some rock hunting and glamping. Can't wait to see their pictures!

Monday, January 2, 2023


I used to be a prolific cross-stitcher, but once I started quilting in earnest, it dropped by the wayside for about the last 20 years. I've been seeing a lot of cross-stitching blogs and posts on Facebook, and I've decided to dip my toes back in (gently of course ---ha-ha!) I ordered a kit from Stitchonomy for their Christmas Stitch-along and got the first row done.

Then I ended up with COVID...after 5 of my 8 family members got it the week leading up to Christmas, I was the last to fall. I'm still coughing but will be able to go back to work tomorrow (boo), but cross-stitching has been a nice distraction while I recover. I'll post pictures once I feel a little better! 

And that has been my 15 minutes of stitching for the first two day of the new year. I failed miserably in 2022, so no updates for that, but hopefully this year will be better. Linking up to Kate's Life in Pieces blog linky party and planning on keeping it up in 2023!

Happy New Year to all!  Terri in BC

Thursday, December 29, 2022

2023 Plans

Almost Happy New Year!!

With only 2 1/2 days left until the calendar changes to 2023, I've been thinking a lot about the goals and changes I want to make this coming year. I am only two years away from full retirement, so I also have to start thinking about succession planning. When my boss and I went over it, he finally realized I am doing the job of three people, (branch manager, mortgage broker/underwriter, investment consultant and compliance officer), so he thinks we will have to hire two full-time people, and I will continue to do the compliance on a part-time basis (good for me, as I will keep my benefits!)

I have quilting, cross-stitch and crafting plans, so I have joined Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl 's
#2023 Planning Party. I was led to this by Barb at Cat Patches. (If you're looking for a good blog to follow, she posts almost daily and has a great sense of humour) PS: I'm Canadian, hence the spelling difference! I also have some personal goals, so I'm going to add those at the end of the post, so that I can hold myself accountable.

Goal #1.  Finish some quilts, make progress on some quilts, and start some quilts.  

I'm great at starting quilts, not so good at finishing them, so this year I'm focusing on finishes and progress. I will let my self start a couple, though!

Obviously some blanks to fill, but if I get the first six items finished this year, it will be wonderful!

Goal #2 - Spend 15 minutes a day stitching something, whether is hand stitching, cross-stitching, embroidery, sewing machine piecing or practicing on my new mid-arm machine.

Goal #3 - Speaking of my new machine, I would like to develop my free-motion quilting skills. I got some new books this Christmas for Graffiti Quilting, by Karlee Porter - I love her style.

Goal #4 - Get my studio under control. I need to purge and organize everything that is left, so that I can make the best use of my space. I did put in new cabinets in this year, so now that I have good storage and a defined space, it's time to do the purge!

I also need to press, cut and sort my scraps. I already have a system in place, but I was given a lot of scraps this past year. What I don't keep gets sent to my niece (same age as me on my ex-husband's side!) who has a group of quilters that do things for charity. The last couple of years, they focused on scrub bags and hats for nursing personnel, who were coping with the Covid crisis.

Personally, I need to prepare for three upcoming trips! I want to lose 50 lbs., build up my stamina and lung capacity so that I can do a lot of walking. My first trip will be less strenuous, as I am off to Mexico with my youngest daughter's family. The next one will be to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, so I need to be ready by May. The last one is tentatively booked for Provence, France and the French Riviera.

Wish me luck!!  Terri in BC